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    Josh Pierry Guest

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    I&#039m just learning ASP and I&#039m trying to make an ASP@web page, but I can&#039t get my browser to view it. It always comes up blank. How can I get my browser to view my ASP code??<BR><BR>Josh

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    Jim d. Guest

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    Josh,<BR><BR>Need alittle more info to help you out. Specifically:<BR><BR> -Your browser alone won&#039t correctly render an ASP. Your ASP needs to be served from a machine running IIS. Make sure you are putting your ASP&#039s in the wwwroot directory of IIS.<BR><BR> -Are you enclosing your ASP&#039s in the proper tags? If you could post a link to these asp&#039s in question, that would be helpful.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Jim

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    place the page on a web server and then type the name in the URL box.....ensure it has an .asp extension

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    Do you have a web server running? Also, check if your web server supports ASP? <BR><BR>If you do not have a web server, there is no way you can run your asp page. You need to download PWS(personal web server) from <BR><BR>After downloading PWS, put all your asp files in your C:Inetpubwwwroot directory<BR><BR>When you view your page, type in the URL:<BR> or http://localhost/yourASP.asp<BR><BR>Hope this helps. :)

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