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    Good morning!<BR><BR>I have built a threaded message board very similar to the 4Guys board,..<BR><BR>My question is simple,...<BR><BR>How in the world do they display the "connectors" in that fashion? I cant for the life of me come up with a scenario that provides an accurate "trace-route" from parent to subpost that looks like this board,..<BR><BR>Does anyone have any clue as to how they pulled it off?<BR><BR>I am assuming its in their "display routine" versus their "update routine" that the logic I am looking for comes into play,...<BR><BR>Just ofr clarification, I have the logic in place for post order (which is the tricky part), I just need to know how to display the posts with the tree-diagram approach that they pulled off,..<BR><BR>Its killing me! :) <BR><BR>Thanks for any insight or advice!<BR><BR>Steve

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    The actual look of it is done through tiny pics. View source code for a while, wipe the blood away that will come while trying to read it all, find the posts with the pics in front. I don&#039t know exactly how they store the information, but what I would do is have identifiers for the various posts. I can tell that they use M for Message ID (which is a fresh post). Then you could have other fields to keep track as well. Once you know exactly how they should go together, it&#039s just a matter of programming for the various pics. For example, this post might be (straight line pic)(space pic)(space pic)(straight line pic)(arrow pic). You get the idea.

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    All you would need for your messages is simply a message ID, parent message ID, the message itself, and the timestamp. Incrememt the highest message ID number by 1 each time someone posts a new message. This would be the simplest method. If the parent ID is 0 then it is the parent. Order all parents in order according to the timestamp, children the same way.

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