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    This is the problem, I have a text in memo-field in my Acces database, which contains several carriage returns, but when I display it on my website. All the returns are gone. Does someone know a solution for my problem? <BR><BR>Many thanx Luc

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    Steve Adamo Guest

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    No problem.<BR><BR>Lets assume you have a variable called MemoField that holds the memo info. from your access databse.<BR><BR>On the page where this field is to be created, and then sent to your database, you need to send the variable through the following replace string BEFORE inserting,...<BR><BR>MemoField = replace(MemoField,Chr(13) & Chr(10),"<BR>")<BR><BR>Now you can insert it into your database.<BR><BR>When MemoField is displayed on your page, it will have the appropriate returns.<BR><BR>Hope this helps,..<BR><BR><BR>Steve<BR>

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    Steve Adamo Guest

    Default Correction to my last post,...

    Looks like something got cutoff (the br tag was interpreted),..<BR><BR>The replace should look like this,..<BR><BR>MemoField = replace(MemoField,Chr(13) & Chr(10),"&#060; br &#062;")<BR><BR>obviously without the spaces,.. :)<BR>

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