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    dre Guest

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    is there a way to change window properties on the fly? let me give an example of what i am trying to do...<BR><BR>when a window loads i am opening another window (onload()) and i would like the opener window to either <BR>a) close automatically (whithout the warning message to appear)<BR>b) be able to make the opener (parent window) to become fullscreen..<BR><BR>hope i was able to convey what i am trying to do..<BR>any help would greatly be appreciated

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    Chad LaFarge Guest

    Default RE: dynamically changing window props

    Security prevents you from closing the opener without a warning/prompt.<BR><BR>You also cannot change the props of an existing winodw. Consider using a parent window (master) to open a fullscreen window (the original parent- slave1). You can use master to close any children if needed.

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