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    when would I want to use a text only web page? Does this mean that you woudn&#039t include any images etc? <BR>Also, how do you dynamically determine if you need to display this type of page? How would you code something like this? <BR>Thanks.

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    As soon as you talk about dynamic pages you should consider .asp pages and not .html or .htm<BR><BR>With ASP pages, you can decide if you what to show this page or another page dynamically.<BR>Perhaps you should read more on ASP you will find plenty of article here a 4guys<BR><BR>Hope it helps

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    Reasons I can think of for text only:<BR><BR>1) if you know your users are on slow connections<BR>2) your users may not all be on graphical browsers (yes, i know people who still use text only browsers)<BR>3) as an alternative for those who normally turn off graphics and such<BR><BR>Personally, I think all these can be dealt with by being smart in how you plan and execute your html, but then I&#039ve also still got a lot to learn.

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