Windows 2000 Crashes When Accessing ASP Pages

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Thread: Windows 2000 Crashes When Accessing ASP Pages

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    Hi<BR><BR>I develop my ASP pages on my home computer running W2K (without SP1) with IIS 5.0, and have run into a bit of a problem. After changing a page, I go to my browser and reload the page to see the results. Sometimes when I do this -- and this happens perhaps one time out of a hundred reloads -- the page never loads, and my hard drive starts thrashing outrageously. Things crawl to a halt, and when I after 60 seconds or so get up the task list, I can see that the virtual memory usage has gone up to 600 MB (I have 128 MB of RAM). The only thing that is left at this point is to reboot the computer using the reset button. This seems to happen more frequently with Netscape than with Internet Explorer. I am quite certain that this is not due to any bad ASP code such as infinite loops etc. (I have checked my code at least 20 times.) The problem can occur no matter what page i load. Since the problem occurs with both IE and Netscape, I suspect that this is a bug in IIS or Windows 2000. If anyone has any tips at all, or thoughts on what might cause this I would be really grateful.<BR><BR><BR>Regards,<BR><BR>Magnus

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    Do you restart the IIS service after updating the pages. Is this machine running SQL as well as IIS. If you are running IIS and SQL on the same machine I would definately get more RAM for the machines. Even if you are just running IIS 128 MB&#039s of ram is not that much at all. If you are not restarting IIS go to start and run and type in iisreset. It is the fastest way to stop and restart the IIS service. Also have you tried tuning the IIS metabase settings?

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