I upgraded a IE5.5 browser to SP1, and the standard binary download code I have no longer works!In following, ignore the third party FileManager replacement,the problem is that the content-disposition header is ignored: unless you choose "open from current location" first, then it gives you <BR>the correct download filename....the following opens a file with as&#039strFileName&#039 before service pack, <BR>as &#039scriptname.html&#039 after (meaning the content-disposition header no workey!) <BR>Any ideas? (code frag follows) <BR>Charlie Baker <BR>baker@charlieb.com <BR>Charles.Baker@patlive.com <BR>CODE FRAGMENT: <BR>. <BR>. <BR>. <BR> strHeader = "attachment;filename=""" & strFileName & """" <BR> Response.Clear <BR> Response.ContentType = "application/octet-stream" <BR> Response.AddHeader "content-disposition",strHeader <BR> DIM objFM,objBinStream <BR> Set objFM = Server.CreateObject("SoftArtisans.FileManager") <BR> If NOT isObject(objFM) Then <BR> WebLog "CREATEOBJECT_FAIL", strOutfile & " - " & Err.description <BR> End If <BR> Set objBinStream = objFM.OpenBinaryFile(strLocalFile) <BR> Response.BinaryWrite(objBinStream.ReadAll) <BR>. <BR>. <BR>. <BR><BR>