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Thread: error ' 800a01ae' Class does not support A

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    Hi All,<BR>I created COM Objects in VB that are acessed from ASP. I have data objects and business object. The objects are registered in MTS. When I open an ASP page that is trying to acess the business logic, the application dies and gave this error: error &#039 800a01ae&#039 Class does not support Automation or does not support expected interface. The data objects work fine. I&#039ve tried about everything. I recompiled all the objects at the same time, I created a setup package, I installed the run time libraries in the server, and on and on. I&#039m wondering if there is an incopatibility in the objects. The problem occured when I set it up in the second server. It works in one server but not in the other. If you could help me solve this problem, I really appreciate it. Thanks.

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    It is possible that you&#039re using datatypes in a context that is not allowed. using variants as optional arguments for a function and using &#039null&#039 as their default value will generate a similar error.<BR><BR>If that&#039s not it, comment out blocks of code until you get to the problem. It&#039s a hell of job, but it works :)

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