This might be a dumb question for some of you. But pls read and help me if you can.<BR>I am using ASPMail to send emails from ASP.<BR>When I press "SEND" button on the Screen, the Email gets queued under C:InetpubMailrootqueue directory.<BR><BR>The email mesg is stored as 0900909.eml(has the content of email) and route of the email is stored as 0900909.rtr file.<BR>This rtr file has the following text: "Connection to failed. No IP Address found from<BR>server received winsock error host not found.<BR><BR>I think there is something to do with SMTP services. The SMTP services are running fine. Under SMTP service manager, IP address is stored as " All Unassigned". In that combo box to choose IP addresses, there is one more IP address called "" and I used this IP address and tried. But the messgs wouldn&#039t go out. <BR>If anyone can help It would of great help.<BR><BR>Thank You<BR>Regards<BR>Basam Nath<BR><BR>