Hi there!<BR><BR>I try to build an ASP component with VB, which reads in an excel spreadsheet and diplays it as a asp page. <BR>I am relativley new to ASP Components and VB, and all I managed so far is opening Excel with a click on an asp page button...<BR><BR>Aeh, but i don&#039t want stop here. Where can I get a good description of all the built in objects an properties? Or maybe there is somebody out there who can give me a bit of advice how to get into this built in object stuff. Is far as I know, there are plenty of object and methods out there, but how to access/use them would be helpful to know :)<BR><BR>I know that I have to reference to different object libaries in VB, thats not the problem. But for example if I have opened an application, how do I create a new doccument, or open an excisting one and write/read from it?<BR><BR>Your help is much appreciated!<BR><BR>