error ' 800a01ae' Class does not support A

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Thread: error ' 800a01ae' Class does not support A

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    I created COM Objects in VB that are accessed through ASP. After I compiled all the objects and register them to MTS, and when I open the ASP page, I have this kind of error: error &#039 800a01ae&#039 Class does not support Automation or does not support expected interface. The data objects work, but when ASP is trying to access the business logic, it dies and gave me that kind of error. I&#039ve done everything. I recompiled all the objects at the same time, I created a setup package, I install VB runtime libraries in the server, and on and on. I still have this problem. If you guys can solve this problem, I really appreciate it. Thanks.

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    i&#039d run into this problem before. what i happened is that the ado version in the server is not the same as the one use use to developed your component. if you install the latest version of mdac, that will solve the problem.

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