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    Sv Guest

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    Hello!<BR><BR>Is it possible to connect to data base without using ADO?<BR>I just think if somebody will switch off ActiveX in IE<BR><BR>Thanks ahead.

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    Richard A. Lowe Guest

    Default Yes.

    In short, I&#039ve never done it, but there are SQL Server object to do it, presumably Oracle has an API as well and also you could write your own ODBC / OLE DB component in VC++/VJ++ but ADO is there because it&#039s useful and good and abstract.<BR><BR>Richard

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    Sv Guest

    Default RE: Yes.

    I agree that ADO is good but if browser doesn&#039t support ActiveX user will not be able to work with my application.<BR>That&#039s why I&#039ve asked.<BR>But I&#039m not as good in programming to write my own ODBC/OLE DB components.<BR>Any way thanks

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    Richard A. Lowe Guest

    Default You want -client- side?

    Rarely, like never, would you ever want to DIRECTLY connect the browser to your database, IMHO. You might want to bind data via some DHTML scheme... I&#039ve never done it, mind you. But search for RDS or even Remote Scripting at msdn.microsoft.com - there may be more viable solutions there than ActiveX using ADO in the browser.<BR><BR>Richard

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