Upsizing, and ASP/T-SQL

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Thread: Upsizing, and ASP/T-SQL

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    I&#039ve been using MS Access with ASP, connecting via ODBC and I&#039ve been using the Access functions (i.e. "IIF") in my SQL statements in the ASP code. <BR><BR>Can I use T-SQL functions (i.e. CASE WHEN ...) in a SQL statement in my ASP code when connecting to MS SQL Server, or is T-SQL restricted to Stored Procs?? If it is restricted, what can I use?<BR><BR>What else do I need to know about upsizing?

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    AFAIK you can use T-SQL in any context that SQL Server accepts SQL - so yes in ASP wherever. Keep in mind SQL Server doesn&#039t know where your coming from, just that you have correct permissions to do this or that...<BR><BR>Richard

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