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    Scott Zagar Guest

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    Hi there everyone!<BR><BR>Here&#039s a weird problem that happens at seemingly random intervals, maybe twice a week, and on several different web pages, with several users/browsers. When it doesn&#039t happen, everything works perfectly:<BR><BR>I run a SQL loop to bring back a list - (all available topics on a forum, or all available greeting cards, for example) and only the first record (of many) appears on the screen. ...BUT... all of the code is actually there in the HTML document, and if I cut and paste the source code into a new HTML document, and then view the HTML document, it all comes up correctly.<BR><BR>Does anyone know what could be causing this? Anything having to do with buffer flushing, perhaps?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance and have a good weekend...<BR>-Scott<BR>&#060;a;scott@artstre;/a&#062;

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    Matt Salmon Guest

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    Make sure that you are closing all HTML tags, especially table tags. In other words, make sure all &#060;TD&#062;, &#060;TR&#062; and &#060;TABLE&#062; tags are matched with the appropriate &#060;/TD&#062; &#060;/TR&#062; &#060;/TABLE&#062;. Also make sure you aren&#039t actually getting an ASP error - when you view source check the BOTTOM of the page for this. These can both be ignored by the browser visually but are in fact there.

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    Chris Scordo Guest

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    I&#039ve been having the same problem when returning large results from sql queries. However, this problem only occurs with IE4. I found a MS article documenting this and it says the solution is to enable buffering for the process. I tried to enable buffering and I still have the same problem...<BR><BR>If you find a solution, I&#039d be interested to hear it.<BR><BR>-Chris

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