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    I have a cart system that allows users to delete items or change item quantities directly from the cart, one at a time or multiple ones at a time (i.e. change quantity on two things and delete two things, all at once)<BR><BR>The problem I&#039m having is more often than not, once I&#039ve updated the quantities on some things or deleted some things, and I do a response.redirect back to the cart itself, the contents of the cart aren&#039t updated fully (i.e. one or two of the changes/deletions I made aren&#039t reflected) until I press "refresh" one time.<BR><BR>I&#039ve already disabled caching in the code, and I&#039ve even tried disabling caching in the browser (i&#039ve disabled caching in the code for every page involved in the process) but it&#039s still happening.<BR><BR>It&#039s almost as though the response.redirect is getting back to the cart faster than the access database if fully recording the changes.<BR><BR>Any ideas? I can show code if necessary.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Adam

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