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    sidwa Guest

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    I was going through the posting you put for various issues on making the <BR>ASP+AccessDB+PWS work.<BR><BR>I have a similar situation where I have to create a standalone app. on a CD <BR>with ASP, PWS and connect to Access DB. I have to get this to work on 95, 98 <BR>and 2000 and NT. <BR><BR>So far I have PWS working. I have problems in connecting to Database.<BR>I was able to connect to the database as long as I have Access 2000 installed. <BR>If I remove Access2K i have problems.<BR><BR>The error that I get now is provider not found... The connection string I use is :<BR>strDSN="PROVIDER=MS JETOLEDB4.0; Datasource=c:Inetpubwwwrootmydb.mdb";<BR><BR>I also tried the above with server.mappath method.<BR>I tried installing MDAC 2.6 and jet 4.0. Still no success.<BR><BR>I also tried file DSN.<BR>Is the anything that I am missing....<BR><BR><BR>Appreciate ur response...<BR>

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    Ruggero Guest

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    Try to use:<BR>Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;<BR>Bye

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