Hi All, <BR><BR>Yes at last I&#039ve found a Notepad replacement that is perfect for my requirements NotepadEx which is also FREE!! <BR><BR>After months of searching for a replacement Notepad, I&#039ve found just what I was looking for: <BR>Visit http://www.student.tue.nl/u/t.a.v.roermund/notepadex/ <BR><BR>Some Details for those who think Yeah Right not another: <BR><BR>NotepadEx can read files with file sizes greater than 32KB. <BR>NotepadEx extends the Notepad search function with a very fast replace function . <BR>NotepadEx has a recent files list. <BR>NotepadEx optionally shows a status bar with the cursor position and the file size in it plus line Number. <BR>NotepadEx offers you the possibility to use custom keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) to quickly insert text. <BR>NotepadEx can open and save Unix and Mac files. <BR>NotepadEx can restore the cursor position when opening recently used files. <BR>NotepadEx has a function to change the text case (sentence case, lowercase, uppercase, title case, toggle case). <BR>NotepadEx has multi-language support (the currently supported languages are English, Dutch, French, Portuguese, German, Swedish, Czech, Spain, Italian and Russian). <BR>NotepadEx has a function to preview HTML and XML files in your browser. <BR><BR>Plus many more features and BEST of all it&#039s FREE!!