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    I just read, with interest, the post by Bill W stating that he was leaving this board and then deciding to stay. I am glad to hear that!<BR><BR>I just started with ASP about 2 months ago. I&#039ve been around programming for 25 years and decided to try something new. As with all things the going was difficult and still at time is. If it hadn&#039t been for Bill, Steve, Akhilesh and a few others I may have dropped the whole thing. So, my thanks to all of you.<BR><BR>Yes, Bill, and others, sometimes get tough with their answers. So what! Most of the teachers I have had in life get tough. I learned the most from those that did. <BR><BR>Bill still answers my questions as I learn. I am glad that he will still be here for me to ask.

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    Default A small echo to Bill

    Bill if you ran a find file on my computer you&#039d find a list of documents with your name in the title as responses to questions of myself or others in the forum. This forum is usually my last resort after I&#039ve been poring over my treeware to find the answer to that little bit of syntax that eludes me and sits me flat on my ASP. 9 times out of 10 it is you who offer the answer. Just today I was saying to someone that I’m surprised that you still answer the simplest questions everyday. It would be a sin to lose you over some unappreciative people most of whom don’t give anything in return anyway. Speaking for myself, I’m hungry for this stuff and this forum is *the* place. So, thanks Bill.

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