We have been experiencing this in the past few days. MTX suddenly starts using 85%, 95% or more of the CPU and unless I catch it fast enough, the server will eventually crash. I have to shut down our component and unload the web app. <BR><BR>Four days ago we upgraded our server&#039s memory from 128M to 512M and it was stable for a couple of days, but then yesterday, it happened again.<BR><BR>Note that just yesterday morning, I rebooted the server, so if there were any accumulated "bad things", they should have been cleaned out.<BR><BR>I&#039ve been looking into other performance topics in hopes to find some other reason, but so far, no answers.<BR><BR>I have found some indication that it may have to do with using Access databases, but I don&#039t know about that. Our main database use is a Progress database on a Unix box that we get to through Merant&#039s ODBC driver. When users go to the access database, the CPU does jump up high, but MTX.exe isn&#039t involved and it comes back down rather quickly.<BR><BR>We&#039ve looked at our code and can&#039t find any possible loops or bad inefficiencies, but I did receive a post on the DevX forum from someone who said I should make sure we set the ObjectContext to nothing. Problem is, we didn&#039t design our components to use this (not sure why we even put it in MTS in the first place). We are looking to put this in though (plus we need to do transaction processing and might not be able to do it simply with ADO!). <BR><BR>So, if anyone else has any solutions, I&#039d be grateful to hear them.