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    fl1rt Guest

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    for all those screaming win 2000 IIS Administrators out there...<BR><BR>...what is the best software(preference) or hardware solution to configure a firewall on a new and highly vulnerable win 2000 web server ?<BR><BR>money is an issue!<BR><BR>ZoneAlarm works great as a personal solution, is there anything similar for a web server? <BR><BR>thanks

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    fl1rt Guest

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    OR....<BR><BR>...is simply ensuring that the unused applications are bolted down and the latest patches are added good enough ?<BR><BR>any info on problem ports and things to look out for ?

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    fl1rt Guest

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    don&#039t all rush at once!<BR><BR>I found consealfirewall to be quite a good software solution if anyone encounters similar problems.

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