hello,<BR><BR>I search for a special feature for an apload from pictures on a server directory, may be you can help me?<BR>We use ASP for developing a benchmark-database with an ODBC connection to ORACLE for creating dynamical<BR>sites. Now we createt a formular for data input to send the written data to the dadabase, in this formular we create a databased indexname for an attached picture, for example we search the database for the highest index and then the automatically createt picture name is 12345.jpg this appears in a field in the formular. On this page we have a frameset, wich allows us to show the formular with the input for the database in the upper frame, in the down frame we have a second formular, in wich the user can choose a file to attach from it&#039s lokal directory. We want to use ASPupload for this action to upload the file in a special directory on the server, the picture is not written in the database only the pathdirectory to find the picture after uploading. So far ...no problem, but now the essential question, is it possible to rename the file during, or after the uploadprocess in the automaticall creadted filname? I will explain you this problem in a little example:<BR><BR>The filename in the formular, which is createt from the highest index out of the database is 12345.jpg<BR><BR>The fileattacment from the users directory selectet is a picture with the name testpicure.jpg, after the selection it appears in the formularfield with this name (ASPUPLOAD).<BR><BR>The sending Directory for pictures is defined in the upload script.<BR>The path to this directory will be written after upload in the database.<BR><BR>Now when the user click on the submit button an the file is transfering to the serverdirectory we want to rename this file in the databesed generatet indexfilename, this means the new name in the serverdirectory of the file testpicture.jpg which is local attached is after sending 12345.jpg. This rename can be before, during or after the upload process, i dont now when, because i haven&#039t any solution for this problem.<BR><BR>And now we want a statment from you if it is possible to do this with ASPUPLOAD or do we need a special extension written in ASP for this problem.If we need one, coud you write such a extension for us ?? If it is possible tell us the costs of this ASP feature. We need such a solution for our customer and we have time till end of december to say him if it is posible or not. Another suggestion is to give us the contact of an other programmer which can solve us this problem because we are from germany and there is no ASP szene like in US.<BR><BR>Now we hope for a littele help from you and sorry for my bad english<BR><BR>with best regards<BR><BR>monika from germany<BR><BR>INDYCOM GmbH<BR>Dienstleistungs- und <BR>Informationsmanagement<BR>Dillinger Straße 23<BR>86609 Donauwörth<BR><BR>Telefon: 0906 - 9 81 60 10<BR>Telefax: 0906 - 9 81 65 64<BR>E-Mail: kugler@indycom.de.de<BR>