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Thread: adding values dynamically in the pull down menu

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    Hi!<BR><BR>I want to add a value dynamically in the pull down menu.<BR>Is it possible?<BR>If so how is it? can u pls suggest..<BR><BR>thanx in advance

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    If you mean the WINDOWs menu, then no, you can&#039t do that in any reasonably portable way. In any case, you&#039d have to learn how to "talk" to the browser, since it "owns" the menus such as "File", "Edit", "View", "Favorites", etc.<BR><BR>If you mean can you add items dynamically to an HTML &#060;SELECT&#062; list, then the answer is "certainly!" And you can do it in either JavaScript or, if you are willing to restrict yourself to *only* MSIE browsers, VBScript. Do understand that this is *client* side scriping and has nothing, directly, to do with ASP.<BR><BR>In any case, if you would like to see some of the techniques that can be used, you can look at the two "Dual List" demos that I have at, both of which add and remove items dynamically.<BR><BR>****************************** ******<BR>DISCLAIMER: If you prefer not to receive responses from me, please so inform me! You may do so publicly in this forum or privately by emailing me at at your option. Any statements or comments made by me are my own responsibility and opinions and are in no way endorsed by my employer or the owner of this forum. Thank you. <BR><BR>

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