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    I know enough asp to send form info to another page, but what if I want to store it in an Access database? In my case, I also want to be able to pull data from the database on another page, but for now, I&#039ll be happy just to know how to build a form and have the user store their stuff when they hit the submit button.<BR><BR>Word of warning: I am a designer, not a programmer. I have researched this a lot, but most articles use a lot of terms which assume i know more than I know.<BR>Also, many articles tell me to connect by doing some stuff to my control panel, and having this in my wwwroot folder, but this needs to leave my computer and go to a server, and none of these articles say how to do that.

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    For your first question, there is a set of examples at in the "Database Lessons" section that have a name something like "complete cycle". They show how to add/edit/delete/update a database from forms. The whole cycle.<BR><BR>For your second question: To some degree, what you do depends on what is supported by the server you will upload to. Generally, though, you can use a "DSN-LESS CONNECTION", assuming that the directory that will hold the database allows read/write capabilities. You may have to ask your provider to give you a directory that *is* read/write to ASP and Access.<BR><BR>You can find a lot of help on DSN-Less connections in various places. Almost surely a couple of articles on 4GuysFromRolla. And almost surely on the LearnASP site, as well.<BR><BR>************************************< BR>DISCLAIMER: If you prefer not to receive responses from me, please so inform me! You may do so publicly in this forum or privately by emailing me at at your option. Any statements or comments made by me are my own responsibility and opinions and are in no way endorsed by my employer or the owner of this forum. Thank you. <BR><BR>

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