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    Help! <BR><BR>I have been asked to add a simple timesheet facility to the 3rd year student web page as part of our civil engineering group project, and am not sure if this will be possible. Basically i was thinking along the lines of a password protected fill out form for name, week number and number of hours completed. This would ideally update an online web page with everyones info on in a tabulated form. <BR><BR>Would this be possible, or am I completely out of my depth? <BR><BR>Any help will be brilliant.<BR><BR>Thanks for your time<BR>

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    2 tables<BR><BR>Table - UserInfo<BR><BR>UserID Autonumber (PrimaryKey)<BR>UserName Text<BR>Password Text<BR><BR>Table - UserLog<BR><BR>LogID Autonumber (PrimaryKey)<BR>UserID Numeric ForiegnKey <BR>WeekNumber Numeric<BR>Hours Numeric <BR><BR>The user logs in and gets their Userid from the UserInfo table then put that in a hidden field on the form<BR><BR>they fill out the form and submit it and you are done<BR><BR>

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