I have two questions. I don&#039t exactly know if this is the right place to post them but here goes:<BR>1.] I have to store equations in a database table. When someone queries this table, I want to extract the appropriate equation and display it on the screen in HTML. Sounds easy? But now I want to make sure that superscript and subscripts are preserved. So say I saved x = (x^2)^3 in the table, on extraction it should look like x = (x&#060;sup&#062;2&#060;/sup&#062;)&#060;sup&#062;3&#060;/sup&#062;<BR>How can I achieve this in ASP?<BR>2.] Does anyone know how to store images in Oracle 8i? Also, once i&#039ve store them, how do I extract them in ASP?<BR>Thanks in advance.<BR> --zahid