Another browser to test on.. Opera is being releas

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Thread: Another browser to test on.. Opera is being releas

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    Default Another browser to test on.. Opera is being releas

    this week... bad news is, that it&#039s free this time. Who knows if we&#039ll have to start testing on that platform now?<BR><BR>

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    Default I doubt it

    Netscape had most of the market until Microsoft got involved. Now everything seems to be shifting towards Explorer. I have yet to see another company come in and outdo Microsoft at something it has already been doing for a while. It&#039s just not possible. Microsoft knows what new technologies it will develop and will update Explorer so that it goes with those technologies. Any other browser will be playing catch up. It&#039s not that I like Microsoft that much at all, but they are pushing the envelope on new technology, not necessarily because they invent it, but they almost always set the industry standard.

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    Default Can't find developer docs

    I have tried a few versions of Opera, and the only thing I really didn&#039t like was paying for it (I won&#039t).<BR><BR>I got (previously) the impression that it was primarily used in corporate intranet settings...<BR><BR>I saw the news earlier so I went to see<BR>I could not find any developer docs and I saw comments in opera&#039s newsgroups about that lack.<BR><BR>I don&#039t know if they are planning to create such a thing, but if they don&#039t, I don&#039t think they will see any market penetration.<BR><BR>It&#039s too bad they didn&#039t buy Netscape instead of AOL, there might have been something.<BR><BR>What browser other than IE can do XSL-T?<BR><BR>

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