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    Hello all <BR>I&#039ve got a question for you.<BR><BR>When I do:<BR>Set objRS = conn.Execute(strSQL1)<BR><BR>Response.Write "--&#062;" & objRS("FirstName") & "<BR>"<BR><BR>************************************ ***********<BR>Notice that I dont close the recordset object *<BR>and that I dont Set it to nothing *<BR>********************************************* **<BR><BR>Then I decide to do this.<BR>Set objRS = conn.Execute(strSQL2)<BR><BR>Response.Write "--&#062;" & objRS("Salary") & "<BR>"<BR><BR>What Happens???<BR>what I mean is that, am I creating two different instances of objRS object in memory ?<BR>Since I havent closed the first object ex. objRS.Close and <BR>Set objRS = nothing<BR><BR>When I do another Set objRS a second time does it mean that two instances of that object is created OR it just overwrites the first one?<BR><BR>Please help me understand this :)<BR>Thank you<BR>Sincerely<BR>Vlince

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    Someone correct me if I am wrong here.<BR><BR>When you set objRS to equal another object without closing and releasing the memory of the first object, you automatically loose your pointer/reference to the previous object and subsequently the system will &#039clean itself&#039. It actually performs the same cleanup which .close and = NOTHING does for you,but behind the scenes. With this said, I always for close and set the object to NOTHING before I create the next instance just to be on the safe side.

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