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    &nbsp;<BR> Hi<BR><BR> I am connecting to SQL server 7.0 from VB6.0 and i <BR> am connecting through OLE DB provider for MS SQL 7.0..<BR><BR> now when i am trying to open a connection a message box is<BR> poping up saying you have to specify username and passwd which<BR> i already mentioned in the connection string.. and in the<BR> message box i have to check "Use trusted connection" and then<BR> press ok to connect to the DB .<BR><BR> I want to connect to DB without that message box poping up...<BR><BR> Thanks in Advance<BR><BR> Arvind.

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    Try adding:<BR><BR>"Persist Security Info=False"<BR><BR>at the end of the connection string - I have that in my Oracle OLE DB, maybe that is it. Never knew what is was there for.

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