I am trying to pass an adodb connection from one DLL to another DLL. I <BR>have tried passing it By Val and By Ref, as a Variant and as a <BR>ADODB.Connection, all methods are giving me errors when I try to use <BR>the recordset. If I use the connection in Recordset.Open I get errors, <BR>but when I use the Connection.Execute (sql statement) it works. I can <BR>not use the Execute method all the time because I need to do recordset <BR>updating. <BR><BR>How should I create the Connection and pass it, and how do I set up the <BR>second DLL to receive the connection? Do I have to do anything to the <BR>connection when I get it to the second DLL?<BR><BR>Please help asap. I am under a time crunch.<BR><BR>Thanx,<BR>Sharon<BR>