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    I need to capture a URL, and display it in a form field. I work for a "Family Friendly" ISP, and we block "bad" sites. I have a request form if they think a site should be unblocked, and I need the URL to appear on the page in a form field.<BR><BR>Any Help would be greatly appreciated<BR><BR>Dustin

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    With response<BR>.write "&#060;form&#062;"<BR>.write "&#060;input type=text name=text value=" & YOURASPVALUE &"&#062;"<BR>.write "&#060;/form&#062;"<BR>End With<BR>

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    Are you wanting the URL of the ASP page the user is visiting, or the URL that they clicked on a hyperlink to reach the site or what?<BR><BR>If you want the former, use:<BR>Request.ServerVariables("URL")<BR><BR>If you want the latter, use:<BR>Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_REFERER")<BR ><BR>Happy Programming!

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