let me tell you what i am doing<BR>i have 3 pages<BR>1.page is for selecting all user when i click on one user it takes me to 2nd page where my original screen look like this<BR>USERID X(I GET THORUGH QUERYSTRING)<BR>PHONE<BR>EMAIL<BR>ADMIN<BR>UPDATE( BUTTON)<BR>THEN<BR>DELETE(CHECKBOX)LOCATION_ID LOCATION DIVISION_ID DIVISION<BR>THEN TWO BUTTON<BR>ADD AND DELETE<BR>Now when i click on add button it takes me to 3rd page where i can select new loc & div for that particular user and when i click on select it takes me back to 2nd page<BR>where i do not see my original screen all i see is <BR> UPDATE BUTTON<BR>AND TABLE HEADER <BR>DELETE LOCATION_ID LOCATION DIVISION_ID DIVISION<BR>ADD BUTTON<BR>DELETE BUTTON<BR>WHAT I WANT IS IN MY ORIGINAL SCREEN I WANT TO ADD ONE MORE RECORD OF DIV AND LOC WHICH I SELECT FROM 3RD PAGE<BR><BR><BR>