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    i am using the same page called "adduser.asp" to add as much user details as i want to. Below the page has 2 button : <BR>&#060;add next user&#062; and &#060;view all user&#062;.<BR>how to i handle the user details from one page to another, until i click on the &#060;view all user&#062; to see the list of user that i have added?<BR>I think of using the hidden field, but how?<BR>Please help, thank you!<BR>

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    It is pretty straight forward.<BR><BR>for the first button you set action=xyz.asp for the form tag, which will add the user, and at the end add a sentence response.redirect "adduser.asp" to redirect to the adduser.asp.<BR><BR>You can even write the entire code that adds the user to the data base in the adduser.asp itself.But if it confuses you, better to stick with a new page for inserting user details.<BR>

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