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    Rob Guest

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    Hey All,<BR>I need to find a method that will allow me to upload files to a specified folder on my IIS4 server. I tried Posting Acceptor which worked fine on the test server but is not installed on my production server. Thing is, I CANNOT reboot the machine so any method has to take that into consideration. Any suggestions? Also I cannot pay for the suggest, but must be able to implement it myself. <BR>Thanks.

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

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    Have a look at

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    Rob Guest

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    Please reread my post... this option is both one that costs money and requires installation of files, and most likely a restart of IIS server machine. This is not acceptable.<BR><BR>Does anyone know anything about the form method="PUT"? I think it is a big hoax by HTML people out there to get my hopes up. LOL

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

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    I think you may have misread the details on the link page. To quote from that page :<BR><BR>"PureASP Upload is a FREE ASP include script which implements some of ScriptUtilities functionality (methods and properties) by ASP. It enables RFC 1867 upload without external components, using VBS and JS, FileSystemObject and Dictionary. The ASP script is included in ScriptUtilities setup."<BR><BR>"ScriptUtilities" is NOT free, but Pure ASP Upload is. I have used it with success without needing to run any installation on my server and without resetting it.

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    Rob Guest

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    The impression that I got is that it only offered basic text upload for free, and the other methods were contained in the "shareware" version. Is this not correct?<BR><BR>

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

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    I use it to upload Jpg images to the server, and have had no problems so far, but I havn&#039t tried any really large files. I suppose their might be size limit.

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    Alphabet Guest

    Default Maybe you are the same "Rob"

    If you aren&#039t then ignore this, if you are you&#039ll probably ignore this anyway.<BR><BR>If you have 3 years experience with ASP,more than me, then you should know how to do this.<BR><BR>You might want to change your posting name; just a thought.<BR>

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    Ian B Guest

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    Theres an interesting article that might be helpful and some code at:<BR><BR>

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