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    Jan Piessens Guest

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    Hi,<BR><BR>I need a lot of input on one page for a database. There also 2 memo fields<BR>with a lot of text.<BR>when i use the submit method i think the passed data(from the input) is to<BR>mush for the header.<BR>Can i store this data in a database without a submit.<BR>I have thinking about the onClick for a button to call a function that&#039s<BR>write the data into the database.<BR>Is this possible and can give me anyone me a liveline for this ?<BR><BR>I have testing with this, but i can not use response in a function. I get an<BR>error that it&#039s need a object.<BR><BR>

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    J Guest

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    Use POST instead of GET. Get is limited to how many chars you can pass but I&#039ve never managed to break POST.<BR><BR>Remember if you are going to use a function to input into the database, what do you have to do? GO BACK TO THE SERVER!! What does this mean? YOU HAVE TO SUBMIT!!!

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