SQL and dates (hey Akilesh) >= and <= re

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Thread: SQL and dates (hey Akilesh) >= and <= re

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    raving lunatic Guest

    Default SQL and dates (hey Akilesh) >= and <= re

    Sorry I couldnt get back to you yesterday.But here is the response.write out of the SQL query- remember the date problem using &#062;= and &#060;=<BR>well here it is <BR> SELECT MC.Date, M.MID, <BR> A.ID, MC.Commission, <BR> MC.ECommission, <BR> C.CName, C.CS, <BR> MC.ID <BR> FROM MC INNER JOIN <BR> M ON <BR> MC.Number = M.Number <BR> INNER JOIN <BR> C ON <BR> M.ID = C.ID INNER JOIN <BR> A ON M.ID = A.ID <BR> WHERE (C.ID = &#039 1&#039) AND <BR> (MC.ID = &#039 2&#039) <BR> AND (MC.EntryDate &#062;= &#039 8/1/2000&#039 ) AND (MC.EntryDate &#060;= &#039 8/30/2000&#039)<BR><BR>Notice that the dates are present as they should be<BR>any ideas<BR>thanks in advance

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    raving lunatic Guest

    Default RE: SQL and dates (hey Akilesh) >= and <

    Just Found out that the dates are stored with the time value...<BR>could this be the reason for the failure? .

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