Hi Friends,<BR><BR>I am presently involved in developing a search engine for Mpeg.. am doing it in ASP/SQL server.<BR> <BR>We want to implement a buffering method, by which the entire MPG/MPEG file is not downloaded to the client end, but just a chunk of file is buffered to client end and the client plays it from the buffer.<BR><BR>If i use Windows Media Server to stream the Multimedia content, it will again stream the entire file.. but my requisite is to stream only the selected frames. If the client wants to play 10-20 frames of a total(say 1000) frames in a MPG file, it should buffer only those 10-20 frames and not the entire file to the client end.<BR><BR>Currently,the media player control is embbeded in a html page, as an activex control, which works fine with both netscape and IE.<BR><BR>Any help on this will be greatly appreciated<BR><BR>Thanx and Regards<BR>Selva