I am using MS SQL Server OLAP services 7.0 to build a cube.<BR>The cube has a measure "size" and 2 dimensions: "dimension1"<BR> and "dimension2". I want to create a calculated member whose value should depend on the value of "dimension2" with respect to previous member of "dimension1". For two values of dimension1, the calculated member should check if the corresponding values of dimension2 have changed or not and return the overall result. <BR>Here I can not make use of the "size" measure as it is not related to the data needed in the calculated member.<BR><BR>So I have to use select clause here. But the Calculated Member Builder was not accepting the select clause at all. I wonder if select, from and where clauses can be used while creating Calculated Members from a Calculated Member Builder.<BR>My requirement is that I have to use these clauses and create the calculated member using Calculated Member Builder. Is this possible?<BR><BR>It would be so nice of you if you help me out in solving the above problem along with a practical example. An example on FoodMart database will be welcome.<BR><BR>Also I&#039d like to know if an interface in ASP can be an alternative solution to this.<BR><BR>Jalinder Autade<BR>