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    Drake Guest

    Default Newbie gets an error !

    Hi,<BR><BR>I am very new with ASP/Database connectivity here.<BR>I am trying to connect to an Access DB but I get this error message.<BR><BR>0:[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Driver&#039s SQLSetConnectAttr failed <BR><BR>Could anyone help me out here ?<BR>Thanks very very much !<BR><BR>Drakester

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    ??? Guest

    Default For god's sake! Show me your connection code!

    I have not seen this error before. But if I could see your code I could probably probably tell you whats wrong.<BR><BR>I DO NOT HAVE A MAGIC F@#%^&G CRYSTAL BALL TO HELP ME TO SEE YOU CODE. <BR><BR>NEWBIE GETS ERROR! NEWBIE SHOW NO CODE! NEWBIE GET NO HELP!<BR><BR>I AM NOT A MAGICIAN!

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    Default Uncalled for

    If someone hasn&#039t posted here before, they probably don&#039t know how to go about asking a question. It&#039s intimidating enough just to post what you think is a newbie error. I don&#039t know if ??? is a regular here or not, but this is exactly the kind of thing that ruins what is supposed to be a message board for people to use to learn from "professionals". Snide remarks are not helpful. Leave trash talk in the trash. This isn&#039t a chat room.

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    Default Have to agree there

    that was unnecessary BUT i do include snide remarks otherwise this is too booooooring. I dont think i can stop myself. <BR><BR>Maybe ??? was under too much stress and then think tank stopped working

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