I have asked a ton of questions to learn a few tricks I never knew enough about. It&#039s fun. Without him, I&#039d be lost at times, like a few other contributors. But I won&#039t be blind either. <BR><BR>Bill never said "You jerk, get out of here, that&#039s a disgrace" He pointed out it was basic info...<BR><BR>the point is I was told to bone up on some books. Instead of getting insutled, it pointed out a good course of action, as well as the answer provided changed my way of thinking.<BR><BR>The point is as long as you are NOT insulting, it&#039s fine. Just remember the written word is sometimes translated based on your emotion during the time of reading.<BR><BR>If you were fired, and read an email "Great job, GENIUS!" Tell me you don&#039t think at first it&#039s an insult? But if you figure out how to develop the best asp affiliate program, and read that email first, you think it&#039s a compliment. Same with some newbies.<BR><BR>They don&#039t KNOW how to MEASURE basic/Advanced compared to some of you who ARE advanced. As well, if you ARE a beginner, if you are told something is basic, it&#039s OK, it&#039s NOT an insult. It&#039s just a view. <BR><BR>Now if they insult you, then there are issues...but in reality, nothing was done wrong...except for him deciding to leave. <BR><BR>But that&#039s his decision and we lose out because of it.