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    Bill W is great asset to this board and I honestly don&#039t think I would come here as much if it weren&#039t for his skill. He is to the point with his answers and I enjoy that. Obviously ROB has a problem. It probably started in childhood. So, Bill, I hope that you will stick around and just know that people like ROB probably live by themselves because they cannot take constructive criticism. I appreciate your contribution to this board and to my ASP questions. I am glad that you left your email address! :) <BR><BR>Thanks again, <BR> Shaun (janix)

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    Default It was NOT Rob

    Ok lets clear thinks out here shall we<BR><BR>Billy thought Ian was blaming him for Rob "caliming" he would not post here anymore and took offence to that. <BR><BR>I know Billy would not have taken offence to that, if he did he would have left a long time ago and NOT now.

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