I am pulling my hair out over this problem:<BR>There is a problem with the site I&#039m working on that only happens once in a while using IE/5/NT that I cannot explain.<BR>I have one page <BR>/foo/fee.asp <BR>which sets some session variables based on its input.<BR>It also shows a form which the user fills out and submits to<BR>/foo/fii/bar.asp<BR>Once is a while... And I can&#039t make it always happen, the session variables that fee.asp set are *gone* when bar.asp looks for them. <BR><BR>If the problem feels like happening, and it&#039s your first pass through these pages, you get my "session expired" message because you have no session variables. <BR> <BR>If it&#039s your second pass (and it worked the first time), bar.asp sees the session variables from the previous time. It&#039s almost like when fee.asp runs, it doesn&#039t set the new session variables at all!!!<BR><BR>Going back and reloading fee.asp always successfully sets the session variables and you can proceed.<BR><BR>It&#039s not a caching problem because the URL has different ids in the query string each time you hit these two pages. And the most frustrating part is that most of the time it works fine. Also, it doesn&#039t happen on our staging servers. The weirdest thing is that it only happens on IE. This leads me to think it&#039s a problem with the ASPSESSION cookie that IE sends. <BR><BR>If anyone has any ideas I would be more than greatful. I have looked on all the newsgroups and in all of Microsoft&#039s docs. Although there are dozens of documented session variable bugs, none of them matched my situation ;)<BR>Thanks!