I am using Oracle 8 and trying to run the following SQL from SQL Plus. But getting an error as described below.<BR><BR><BR>SQL&#062; edit<BR>Wrote file afiedt.buf<BR><BR> 1 SELECT DISTINCT PKG_SORTATION_HIST.PKSH_PARCEL_ID,<BR> 2 PKG_SORTATION_HIST.PKSH_TIMESTAMP,<BR> 3 PKG_DATA_ACQ_HIST.PDAH_PARCEL_ID,<BR> 4 PKG_DATA_ACQ_HIST.PDAH_LABEL_TYPE<BR> 5 FROM PKG_SORTATION_HIST S<BR> 6 INNER JOIN PKG_DATA_ACQ_HIST Q ON<BR> 7 S.PKSH_PARCEL_ID = Q.PDAH_PARCEL_ID<BR> 8* WHERE (((S.PKSH_PARCEL_ID) Like "%099"))<BR>SQL&#062; /<BR> INNER JOIN PKG_DATA_ACQ_HIST Q ON<BR> *<BR>ERROR at line 6:<BR>ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended<BR><BR>What is the problem. Thanks for any help.<BR>