Brain teaser- can anyone figure this out.

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Thread: Brain teaser- can anyone figure this out.

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    Default Brain teaser- can anyone figure this out.

    I have a table with a date stored in 3 fields: r_month, r_day and r_year. I want to pull out the ones only that match todays date, plus a specified amount of days (r_before). The only problem is that (obviously) the datepart(d,getdate()) + r_before doesn&#039t recognize when there is a new month, so it adds the r_before, even if it&#039s the end of the month. Can anyone think of a better way to do this?<BR>SELECT Store_Customers.First_Name, Store_Customers.Last_Name FROM Store_Customers WHERE (datepart(m,getdate())=r_month) AND datepart(d,getdate()) + r_before=r_day AND datepart(yyyy,getdate())=r_year

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    Default Let me get this straight

    you dont want it to add the days if it is going to retrieve records from the next month??<BR><BR>that is if you wnat ot add 3 days and today if the 29 then dont add only add upto 30 if it is 15 and you wnat to add 3 days then go ahead and add it??<BR><BR>If that is what you wnat to do then the only thing i can think of is dynamic SQL and i would suggest you write an SP to solve it<BR>

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