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    Default Thanks Steve

    Thanks Steve

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    Default Steve says your welcome BUT

    just out of curiosity<BR><BR>is thanks your first name and steve your last name and was that what they wanted to call you or was it a mistake

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    Default RE: Steve says your welcome BUT

    My names previously were &#039What Is Vbcrlf&#039 and &#039Six Main Objects&#039<BR>sorry about the mistake. I meant to make the &#039thanks steve&#039 a reply rather than a new thread. again, thank you, and I will be asking more questions tomorrow!! until then....

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    Default In that case,

    you&#039re welcome.<BR><BR>I wasn&#039t sure if you were saying it to me or another poster in here, so I didn&#039t want to be rude and take someone&#039s praise.

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