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    With the six main objects:<BR>Session<BR>response<BR>request<BR>Serv er<BR>application, and<BR>ObjectContext,<BR> Do all of these pertain only for ASP, or VBscript, or both? Or is ASP even a different language altogether, anyways?<BR> You are probably banging your head on the keyboard, but I guess I would be more dumb for me to not ask and not know rather than to put down my pride and ask.<BR>thanks<BR><BR><BR>

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    Steve Cimino Guest

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    They pertain to ASP only. Some people get VBScript and ASP confused... they think they&#039re one and the same.<BR><BR>These components are COM objects... meaning they can be called from within ASP (using VBScript or JavaScript... and for that matter, you can also call them from VB, Java, and C++, if you include the correct ASP object!)<BR><BR>What you&#039re doing by calling the Request function of ASP is equivalent of doing this in VB:<BR><BR>x = Request("something)<BR><BR>You&#039re actually calling this behind the scene:<BR><BR>Public Function Request(ByVal Input As String) As String<BR><BR>Go ahead and play around with the different objects and see what they&#039re returning.

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    ASP is not a language.It is a technology, which uses javascript,vbscript as the scripting language.<BR><BR>These languages utilises the objects available with ASP<BR>to build the interactive web pages.

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    Steve and Screeni come to the rescue again. Thanks.

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