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    Mark Turkel Guest

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    Simply stated: What will kill a Session Object? I have a few vars setup to carry around user info: ID, Name, AccessLevel, etc.<BR>Everything has been working beautifully while I was keeping things to 1 we are trying to take this security and cover the entire Intranet, and it seems to NOT carry the vars to pages that are not in the same dir.<BR><BR>Any help would be appreciated!<BR>Mark<BR>

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    as long as you place them under your webroot it is ok.<BR>session.abandon will clear all session variables.basically they<BR>will be there till the session doesn&#039t end.<BR><BR>

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    Mark Turkel Guest

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    I think I&#039m having trouble because I&#039m setting these vars located in subdirs BELOW wwwRoot, then I&#039m trying to see them from the wwwroot dir... Do you know if the "starting point" needs to be the top-most dir?<BR>

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