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    I have to whip up a quick access app.<BR>How do I find the path of my access application. In VB there is an APP object which has a Path method. Is there something like that in Access.<BR>Thanks

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    David Moran Guest

    Default From Access Power Programming by F.Scott.Barker

    sub getPathname<BR> Set db = CurrentDb<BR> pathname = Left$(db.name, ap_LastInStr(db.name, "\"))<BR>end sub<BR><BR>Function ap_LastInStr(strSearched As String, strSought As String) As Integer<BR> Dim intCurrVal As Integer, intLastPosition As Integer<BR> intCurrVal = InStr(strSearched, strSought)<BR> Do Until intCurrVal = 0<BR> intLastPosition = intCurrVal<BR> intCurrVal = InStr(intLastPosition + 1, strSearched, strSought)<BR> Loop<BR> ap_LastInStr = intLastPosition<BR>End Function

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