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    Rob Guest

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    Hey all. I am trying to design a webpage that will allow me to upload files to a specified folder on my IIS 4.0 server. Unfortunately I cannot reboot the server due to outside constraints so I cannot install any dll&#039s for helpers such as Posting Acceptor. Does anyone know of a way to code some file upload to a form WITHOUT having to reboot your server? I have been trying to get documentation on form method="PUT" but there isn&#039t much to be had. Any help would be appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR>Rob

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    The bestway is to use any readily available dlls.You need to<BR>just copy the dll and to register it with the server.no need to<BR>restart it.<BR><BR>The code will be very complicated.I remember having read about it<BR>in asp101.com.Again it is nothing but a VB Class.<BR><BR>Sreenivas

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    Rob Guest

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    Sreeni,<BR>Do you know of any dll&#039s that do not require the server to be restarted? I have not had luck finding any which state categorically that they do NOT have to restart the server. Grrr the frustration.<BR><BR>

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