Anyone ??<BR><BR>The first entrie in ID gets all the entries of ART, then it moves to the second entrie of ID and puts in all the entries of ART again, and so on (so with 6 entries you get 36 records ) but i only want six.(each unique ID with it&#039s own ART )<BR>I tried to get rid of one next statement but it doesn&#039t fall for that trick.<BR>Also where ever i put the next statements it doesn&#039t work.<BR><BR> <BR>&#060;%<BR>for each ART in Request.Form ("Art_aant")<BR>for each ID in Request.Form ("Art_ID")<BR>SQL= "INSERT INTO Aantal( ART_AANTAL,ART_ID) Values (&#039" & ART & "&#039,&#039" &<BR>ID & "&#039)"<BR>Conn.execute sql<BR>next<BR>next<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>Please help (i&#039ve had sleepless nights over this problem)