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    Harrah Guest

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    i am beginner of JavaScript and i have problem in writing my page. Let say i have a page called "add.asp". <BR>Inside this page, it first display "Add user 1 " and several input text box for user to input the user details.<BR>At the bottom will have a submit button. Once the user filled in the form and click the submit, it will load the same page called "add.asp" again, with the heading displaying "Add user 2".<BR>how do i code it in javascript so that it load the "self" page again?<BR>Thanks for helping!

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    Chad LaFarge Guest

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    Make sure you include code to look for the previous form&#039s field values! If you are reloading the page, you will lose the values unless you look for them in the querystring and populate hidden fields. You would also determine which form fields to display based on a page number contained in querystring.<BR><BR>Then just process the whole form, with all those nasty hidden field values.<BR><BR>It&#039s a little ugly to go back to the server each time just to return to the same page, but Netscape &#060; 6 doesn&#039t redraw the page, so you can&#039t just hide and show different divs or layers, unless they are the same shape and size on the page.<BR><BR>Anyway... in this method, you&#039re just positng to the same url as the current page.

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